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Controlling an Aloe

Hi there

I'm new here and relatively new to trying to keep plants alive and make them grow!

I have a question about my Aloe. It is currently kind of unattractively spreading out and I fear it will soon become too heavy on a side and won't be able to stand up anymore.

Can I control how my Aloe grows? Can I tie it up loosely with some twine or something to encourage it to grow more bunched together and upwards rather than to the side?

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You could do that or even prune it. Most growth tequnecs used on other plants to control growth can be used on aloe.

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In case you get baby plants, you can put them in small pots and give them away. Thats what my science teacher does.

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I had a large Aloe plant that got so large it one day fell over, pot and all. Fortunately it had given me 4 babies before this happened.
I filed a plastic bottle with water and stuck it behind the plant. I put sticks in it trying to balance it. I pruned it but it's hard to prune and have it still look good. What I should have done was get a much larger pot and something to help hold it up. What I don't know. They bruise so easily.

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