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veggies in containers - problems

I'm Cait! I'm new to the site- trying to find a good place to help me with my gardening- Google just isn't giving me the right answers! =)

This is my first time with my OWN garden (its container!)

Living at home I used to plant things at my moms house, and do all the watering and such, and it seemed like everything grew so great! When I was a senior in highschool I did my senior project on gardening and worked at a garden- and everything went great there too!!

BUT.......... This year I seem to be having quite a few problems!
1. No tomatos on two of my plants. I'm worried I over fertilized. However 1 plant does have some.. hummm!!
2. No squash or flowers on the squash plants.. It might be too soon for that though... but tons of leaves... fertilizer?? I don't feel like I over-fertlized!! I used to ferty my tomatoes wayyy more then I do now and they grew so much we couldnt eat/pick them all! buttttt sadly not this year.
3. My strawberries are tiny! and green!
4. My peas got root rot I think, two of my plants have brownnn on them, I'm wondering if they're save-able?!

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Welcome, Cait! It's nice to meet you. :)

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Welcome to the forum; hope you find it friendly and helpful.

I was just about to say the same thing Kisal did, that gardening in containers is a lot different (and trickier!) than gardening in the ground.

Over fertilizing is one of the things that can cause tomatoes not to flower. Is that what is happening, why you have no tomatoes? If the tomato is flowering, but not setting fruit (blossom drop) that's a different problem, but sometimes also is caused by over fertilizing.

You mentioned tomatoes, squash, strawberries, peas. Are they all in same container? If not how big are the containers? Could things be too crowded?

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It may just be too early for your tomatoes and squash, Cait. Mine are still focusing on foliage foliage foliage, and have only begun growing flowers in the last few days, except for one pot. Are you still getting a lot of foliage improvement, or have they stopped growing?

If you want to convince them to flower, shifting to a different fertilizer, one with more phosphorus than nitrogen, might help. I've noticed a lot of fertilizers that call themselves "tomato fertilizers" have a lot of nitrogen, but while that's good for healthy leaves, it's not as good for fruit. A 10-20-10 fertilizer might help kickstart flowering and fruiting.

Like rainbowgardener said, if you are getting flowers but not fruit, that's a whole different set of problems.

Overall, though, I wouldn't stress too much yet. I think in the northern states, we're still just hitting the flowering-and-fruiting stage.

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Thanks for the quick replies!!

1. No they aren't all in the same container. I have like 5 containers with Strawberries. Umm 2 Long box containers with Peas...... 1 really big container, umm I'm not sure the size, Like knee high? haha, with two different tomatos in it- do you think thats too crowded??
and a hanging basket with a tomatoe- that one actually has fruit. (these are all cherry tomatoes, my favorite!)

The squash is in one of those long boxes as well, two squash in one box (is that too crowded too?) I read all the tags and I (think) I spaced them right.

The tomatoes- by flowers do you mean the little yellow flowers that are starting to grow? if so- YES! I do have those! So maybe it is too early.
I guess because my hanging basket tom has 4 tomatoes and a bunch of tinnyy baby ones starting that I feel the others should as well. PLUS, the ones in the bucket are WAAY bigger plants now then the hanger!!

The squash leaves will NOT stop growing. So it definately hasnt hit a stand still. These were all bonnie plants and the squash is probably 25x the size as when I planted??

I'm also growing green beans but they don't seem to have a problem yet =)

Ps. I planted another peaplant about a month after the first batch, and its already growing peas even though its only 6 inches? Does that mean I could still plant more peaplants? (the first ones are about 4ft tall and have only recently started producing..)

Sorry so many questions!!

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