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Ideas please - pretty cascading plants for indoors?


I need something quite full that will cascade or semi-hang, to disguise the top corner of our kitchen cupboard that's visible on the way down the stairs.

If it hangs too much it might get in the way, so I'm looking for ideas for plants that kind of drape or cascade softly, and don't get too crazy long. It needs to be able to cope with a fairly warm spot. There's a skylight about 4' to the side of it so lighting is moderate.

Thanks for any suggestions! :)

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There are so many lovely plants that might be exactly what you're looking for! :)

Would it be possible for you to post a picture of the location where the plant will live? It might give us a better idea of size, shape, accessibility for care, etc.

If you need information on how to post images, see the Webmaster's post here:

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It's going to sit up on this corner:

Here's how it looks coming down the stairs (pardon the dust :oops: ):


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That is a great spot for any type of indoor plant with all the bright light and space it receives. Although, my concern is being able to reach it on a weekly basis (maybe twice a week) for watering. As well, with a draping or trailing plant, it may impair access to the cupboard. :?

However, the 'Mother In Law's Tongue' is a drought tolerant plant. You can actually let it dry out between waterings. It's tall so it would give height and color to that area; and you can put it in a colorful piece of pottery. Here's a link for more info on this and other indoor plants.

Keep us posted and let us know what you decided. :wink:
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You might want to try a Pothos. They tend not to need much care once adjusted.
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I was going to say pothos would look great here too. And if they grow too long, you can always cut them and put the cuttings in a pot of water.

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trailing plants for indoors

Here's a few more suggestions:

columnea or lipstick plant is a really pretty, flowering cascading plant

philodendrons come in trailing versions

swedish ivy

coleus also comes in trailing/ cascading forms and has such gorgeous colors. A good way to keep color in your container all the time is to have plants with colorful foliage (vs just colorful blooms which come and go)

begonias aren't so trailing, but as they get bigger, they will drape over the edge of your pot and they come in such brilliant colors. I have one in a hanging pot in a shady spot outdoors right now. It is draping over the edge and covered in red blossoms that just seem like they glow out of the shady spot.

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pothos would be a great choice. and there are dozens of individual types of pothos, that would make for interesting visual additions to the room. plus, it is NEXT to impossible to kill a pothos.
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Re: Ideas please - pretty cascading plants for indoors?

Hoya, Lipstick plant. Some of the new spider plants are really really neat. An asparagus fern is so easy.Swedish Ivy,

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