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3 gallon buckets

My husband brought about 15 3 gallon buckets home from work. I know most veggies need more room to grow but is there any I could plant safely in a pot this size? Hate to see them go to waste and I have ran out of ground space so these could help. Thanks!

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I plant all of my bell pepper plants and jalapeno plants in three gallon pots. Egg plants likes bigger, but will still grow well and produce in a three gallon pot. Most any herbs will do well in that sized container, and you could really do some groupings of two or three different herbs in each container.

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lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, even some broccoli and baby cabbage. Course those are mostly all cool weather crops, probably to late to start them now. But you can start them in late summer for a fall crop.

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You can plant some summer squashes in 3-gallon containers, too. Most zucchini varieties like more space, in my experience, but yellow straightneck or crookneck squash can do well in 3-gallon pots.

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