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What flowers are suitable for a terrarium?

Im not sure if i've put this thread in the right area and if I haven't I apologize and ask a Admin to move it. With the creation of my Norfolk Pine Japanese garden underway, I've begun thinking about other intriguing plants that could be grown into little terrariums. But I don't know what kind of terrarium to do. I'm not super familiar with a lot of plants so i don't know where to begin in looking for plants for a new terrarium. I like flowers (who doesn't?) and bright plants, but of course it needs to be able to be grown indoors and needs to stay fairly small. So if you know any small nice flowering plants I'd love to hear their names so I can look them up! Thanks!
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How about a miniature African violet or other gesneriad? Miniature leaf begonias are beautiful too. You need something that doesn't need/want direct sunlight to flower for obvious reasons. Check Logee's Greenhouse -- I haven't in years, but they used to have a miniature plant section in their printed catalog that are ideal for terrariums. Remember with flowers in a terrarium, you have to reach in and clip off faded flowers (long tweezers and long-handled and angled tiny scissors like those used for surgery are great tools) or they'll turn into brown mush -- in other words, don't make a bottle garden. :wink:

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I have seen very small orchids that are only a few inches big, if that. They can be grown in moss on a bark slab. As for the terrarium, the warden case is probably the best, at least in my opinion.
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Tillandsias and other [url=https://www.blackjungle.com/airplantcare.html]epiphytes[/url] are always good in a terrarium...

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