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Plants for bathrooms - what's better than Maidenhair Fern?


I have a Maidenhair Fern hanging in my bathroom; so far so good - it's taking me longer to kill this one than previous ones! They are just so darned sensitive - watering one day too soon is lethal; drying out for 5 minutes is lethal. :x

What other plants can cope with indoor light for the longhaul, that are maybe a bit easier than Maidenhairs?

Of all the bathrooms I've visited in my life(!) I'd say mine gets 7 out of 10 for brightness - no skylight, but the window light is probably sufficient for very low light plants.

Thanks :)

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How much space do you have available? For instance, must it be a hanging plant? :)

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Pothos. Can't kill it; no such thing as too much shade; great hanger and the varigation adds a touch of light color. Roots in a glass of water over the sink; make as many as you want... Spider plants, although a bit out of fashion (which is why I don't bother with fashion), work great in lower light, but they'll reach... Selaginella is a fern ally that might work; it likes moisture above all things and what better room?



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One year I had a fuschia in a hanging basket that I brought in for the winter and hung in my bathroom. It loved it there! Easy to give it the even moisture it wants and it got the indirect light it wants through our frosted window. Later I killed taking it back out doors... oh well..

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Dracaenas also do fairly well in bathroom conditions, if you want something that is both tropical looking and tree-like. Also try the Rhapis excelsa palms. They do quite well also.

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You might want to take a look at the plants listed [url=]here[/url]. They would all do well in areas with low light intensity, and they would love the humidity. :)

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