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Did I bite off more then I can chew?

I am gardening virgin. Never touched anything that grows… Ever. So logically I've decided to start some vegetable gardening in containers. Done a little research but still feel lost.

I've read many, many articles and forum postings on this site, which has answered a few of my questions.

First off, I live in Calgary Canada which is a Zone 3b. My last frost is late may.

I have bought the following seeds:
-mini mixed pepper
-swiss chard mostruoso
-thyme vulgaris
-sage (think I’m going to not use these and replace with basil )
-onion parade
-radish scarlete globe
-spinach long standing bloomsdale
-peas provence container variety

I have the following containers so far:

2 x 18'' ( over 5 gallon) pots ( plan on putting mixed peas in one, peppers in other )
2 x 12'' pots ( 3 gallon ( plan on radish and swiss chard in these )
2 x 8'' pots ( 1 gallon ) ( plan on onion and thyme in one and spinach in the other )

I have 75L of organic potting soilless mix and one smaller bag of schultz premium potting soil plus

On my shopping list is:
-Mini 4 tier greenhouse
-jiffy windowsill greenhouses
-tomato fertilizer ( or vegetable type )
-tomato, basil & hot pepper seeds
-more containers for these seeds?

My question is am I on the right track? What could I do to improve my plans? What else should I purchase to make this more successful? Any seeds / plants I should purchase instead? Any other advice would be so appreciated & Thank you in advance for your help!

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Everyone has a different 'chew' size... :wink:

Although I have years of container gardening experience, never with seeds or vegetables. However, it sounds like you have everything you need and then some.

Perhaps you should consider placement of your greenhouse and the amount of light it will be receiving.

Good luck on this fantastic project you have planned! :D
~ Julie

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