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Planning hydroculture pot for future growth

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:40 pm
by kessbethler
Hi all,

I've inherited a couple of variegated philodendron clippings that are really thriving in their glass water filled vases. In fact, they seem to prefer the vases to a pot.

The original owner told me you could actually root them right in the soil, so I tried this with one of them and it quickly disproved the theory. But after rinsing it off, recutting it and tossing it back in a glass, it bounced right back. Now it's grown extensive roots and even a new leaf or two.

They're starting to outgrow the vases, but transferring them to bigger vases means I'll need to add some pebbles to keep the plants from floating and falling over.

Here's my concern: these plants will need to be repotted again someday, especially if they keep growing at this rate. But if I anchor the plants with pebbles, it seems to me there won't be any way to transfer them without damaging the roots. I'm picturing a grapefruit sized handful of gravel that doesn't really form a root ball - it would just spill out of the glass and crush the roots, wouldn't it?

It would be so sad to mess it up now - they're doing so well! Does anyone have any experience with this?


Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:24 am
by sandywong929
Hi Beth,

Philodendron can be rooted in water as well as soil. So the original owner didn't say it wrong. But only that roots that have grown in water often get more brittle than the soil-grown ones. So, once the plant is rooted in water, it may become difficult to transplant it back into soil later on. And it seems like this is your case here.

As for repotting, I would suggest you to use pebbles to anchor the plants. Don't worry too much about damaging the roots. As long as you do it with care, it should be fine. In fact, you should trim the roots if they get too long.

Check out this post, maybe you will it helpful.

Cheers :wink: