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Soil Recipe for Potted Blueberries?

My husband, son, and I picked up our first fruit plants over the weekend. We got a 3 gallon and two 1 galon blueberries (Austin, Premier, and Tifblue). We'd like to plant them in pots because we haven't lived here (Atlanta) long enough to know where we would want them in the ground. Do any of you know if I could just plant each one in a big pot and not deal with repotting later? Also, what dirt mixture should I plant them in?

The simpler the recipe, the better, but I don't want the blueberries to suffer either. I watched a youtube video about potted blueberries which recommended peat moss, pine bark, acidic potting soil, 3 organic fertilizers, and soil sulfur. I called around and could not find the acidic potting soil or the soil sulfur in my area.

Thanks in advance for any advice you all can give!!

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