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Green-toothed Jumper on the job

I was looking over my winter-indoor herb garden (8" and 7" pots of mixed herbs + a 6" pot of lemongrass), noting some white mosaic discoloration on some leaves that (to me) usually means whiteflies.
- Stroked the tops --nothing flew up
- Turned the leaves to check for spidermites -- no webs, no microscopic dots of red or any other color.... ???
... then I sensed, rather than saw movement along the black nursery pot rim ...

It was a good-sized green-fanged Daring Jumping spider, about 1/2" long.
(I LOVE seeing big spiders in the house because I always envision all the bugs they ate to get that big. 8) )

At that size, I usually thank them for the wonderful job they did indoors, and politely usher them outside for the greater selection available Al Fresco, but in this instance, I apologized to her for intruding, commended her for her diligence, and urged her to continue with her patrol :lol: :wink:

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