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Blueberry plant in a container

Hello all,

New guy here. I just began container gardening this summer (plan to move on to regular garden next spring). I live in western PA (USDA 6) and discovered blueberry seedlings at the local Lowes store. I brought one home and planted it in one of my containers (just grew cucumbers in it). The container is a fairly large/deep square one, not sure of the measurements, but definately over 2 gallons (maybe 1 foot deep)? I added some potting soil to the container 2 days ago. I recently read not to use nitrogen fertilizer with blueberries, so I'll go home and check the potting soil tonight. Otherwise, how do blueberries do in containers? It usually doesn't go lower than single digits (farenheit) in the winter here...Do blueberry plants fair ok in containers? Should I move the plant into my detached garage during the coldest part of the winter? Just looking for any pointers on this sort of container plant.


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