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Lettuce and Rocket - First time grower advice (Please)

Hi folks!
I wanted to start growing basic veggies indoors (Rented house, cannot plant outside) and I'm learning as I go.
We designed an attic garden with grow lights and there is where we keep most of the plants.
I recently discovered I might have an issue with herbicide mildly contaminated compost (See my other post here - viewtopic.php?p=436211#p436211) that I've pretty much used with everything I have. I'm testing to see if the compost is contaminated or if it drifted to the plants.
I'd appreciate if you guys could share some feedback about my lettuce and rocket (Arugula) - I keep watching YT videos and reading blogs to have an idea about expected growth, they all look soooo underdeveloped and I'm considering if they also show herbicide damage signals.
* I live in Ireland, zone 9A.
* Soil used is mostly a mix between Westland Compost Multi-purpose (The one I suspect is contaminated) and coco peat.
* I'm using Nature Safe Liquid Organic Plant Food with Seaweed 1Ltr and also Neudorff Organic Tomato Feed for peppers and tomatoes.

I've sown Rocket seeds in 29.08 and 16.09. Lettuce is from 16.09.
I believe I was overwatering, cause soon enough I started having issues with Fungus Gnats. Now I'm trying to really pay attention and to feel the soil with the finger - But again, I don't know what feels like "too wet" or "too dry".
I'm using plant food about once a month or so.

Rocket 29.08 vs 16.09.jpeg
Rocket 29.08 2.jpeg
Rocket 29.08 1.jpeg
Rocket 16.09 5.jpeg
Rocket 16.09 4.jpeg
Rocket 16.09 3.jpeg
Rocket 16.09 2.jpeg
Rocket 16.09 1.jpeg
Lettuce 16.09 4.jpeg
Lettuce 16.09 3.jpeg
Lettuce 16.09 2.jpeg
Lettuce 16.09 1.jpeg

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