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Shortage of 10 gallon plus containers

I understand from the nurseries that due to the coronavirus this has been for some the best year they have ever had. All the downtime got a lot of folks into planting gardens.

I have a lot of older Plastic containers that are 10 gallons and I bought them at Lowe’s over the years. These were manufactured in Israel and were priced reasonably. They no longer have anything larger than 5 gallons. For the exception of the Very heavy ceramic or clay. With the number of new folks interested in gardening and no longer receiving imports from overseas like before the virus products are dwindling.

We used to joke around and say everything else Is made in China. Apparently a good majority of products are made overseas.

We tried to replace a refrigerator and the size we need is not available. Once the warehouse runs out they don’t know when they will receive there next shipment. Same for my fishing lures.
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Re: Shortage of 10 gallon plus containers

You'd be surprised at the items that are hard to find, or are 'extinct'. People grab up the strangest things. I can't find Ziplock bags, or ANY disinfecting cleaners of any brand.

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Re: Shortage of 10 gallon plus containers

I heard of fishing supplies being low but I haven't seen it myself.

I kind of have a lifetime supply of fishing stuff so I haven't been browsing at my local sporting supply store.

Was at Cabela's the other day but didn't have time to browse, quick dash in for bait.

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Re: Shortage of 10 gallon plus containers

Would you consider browsing the non-gardening areas of the store for containers? They're not too pretty, and some people object to using certain types of plastic, but I have huge Rubbermaid tubs as containers. I just drilled holes in them. Same with my compost bin: it's a garbage can.
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