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My Kumquat tree is turning yellow

I hope someone can help me with this one.

I have a Kumquat tree (small one) that produced fruit once (last fall) and over the summer is turning yellow.

It's a megewa (spelling - the round fruit vs. oval)

I would love to be able to save this plant but have no idea where to start.

Here are the facts around the tree:

1. Repotted in a larger pot last winter.

2. Gets watered when the water meter reads dry (about 1 every 10 days)

3. Gets citrus food (1 tablespoon once every 2 months)

4. Is in sun from 8 am to 8 pm.

5. I live in San Diego, California.

below are some pics on what is happening to the plant.

I hope they help you in determining what is going on:





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Cannot offer anything specific except that I wonder if it is actually getting sufficent water.

I have 2 lemons (and others) these are in pots that measure 36cm dia and 32 cm depth, say about 30-35 litre volume. I have to water them every second or third day as by then they are dry.

I am in the UK and it is colder and drier then San Diego, but as I say I water about 3 times more oftan then you.

I work on the basis that if I pick it up and it is light then apply water, seems to work as they have both put on a lot of growth. Going to be a problem with their size when I bring them indoors for winter.

I would say that the other standard thing is if you are using tap water I find it best to use a feed for acid loving plants. However I don't have a great deal of problems using tap water.

There is a site they may have information but I haven't looked for a while. I seem to recall you were supposed to register to get at information and I couldn't be bothered.

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