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Raspberry Problem

Hi, all. I am having a problem with a raspberry plant, and I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out: The leaves (particularly near the bottom of the cane) are yellowing and then withering and dying. My raspberries are of the everbearing variety, and I first noticed the problem on the floricanes when they bearing fruit earlier in the season. The entire canes died off, and I cut them back, but now I noticed that the symptom is revealing itself on one of the smaller primocanes.

The plant is in a raised bed, and I fertilized it with an organic fertilizer a couple of months ago. Everything was fine until very recently. I also have another plant about six feet away from it that's doing fine-- the conditions are nearly identical.

Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. I would post photos, but I just cut off some of the problem leaves thinking that might help.


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Mine are doing the same thing and i think it's just how they grow. I notice alot of new leaves very green in color so I am guessing its the norm?
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