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Trimming Leaves & Epsom Salt Good for Tomatoes

:D i have a tomato plant that has the darkest color of green leaves and they are so thick. i read somewhere to trim back some of the leaves so the fruit can get the nutrients and it worked i trimmed back almost half the leaves and the next morning i have several new tomotoes poping out. and the whole epson salt trick works wonders too!! I sprinkled some over all my plants and herbs and they shot up quickly. also on a semi-dead rose bush that barely stuck up out of the ground starting growing. Epson salt is cheap and works wonders on many things!!!

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Yes, I used epsom salts this year and think they made a positive difference. The tomato fruit does not need sunlight to ripen. The fruit gets its nutrients from the leaves of the plant. It sounds like you didn't trim the plant too much, which is good. In the future, you should just pluck out the "suckers" which are new branches growing out of the fork between the stalk and where the leaf attaches.

There is a separate tomato forum here which is a better place to get responses for those questions in the future.

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The main use of Epsom Salts is to apply Magnesium Sulphate which will cure Magnesium deficiency in Tomato plants. It is characterised by interveinal chlorosis (marbled effect) of the leaves.
When there is also a deficiency of lime dig in Dolomitic (magnesium) Limestone.

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