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Need advice on growing a pineapple plant.

Can someone give me advice on how to make a larger pineapple plant produce fruit? One thing I have noticed is that there seems to be a lot of beetles attracted to this plant. I am not sure but believe them to be garden or tiger beetles. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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From what I've read on another grow a pineapple from the stem of the original pineapple. It takes from 1.5 to 2 yrs to grow into a new pineapple.

My grandfather has been growing one for about 2 months now. He just feeds it water when the soil looks dry. The only nutrients he has applied is some compost over the top of it.

As far as a larger pineapple..from what I've read, the only way to produce larger than normal sized fruits or veggies is with chemicals.

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thats the way I was told to propagate a pineapple. cut the top off of one, and stick that in soil. I have been watering mine every couple of days, but I just planted it maybe two weeks ago. a friend of mine's grandmother planted one that way several years ago and it produces delicious pineapple, tho it did take a couple of years before it produced anything. so far mine seems to be doing alright

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