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I have seen all types at the store and on the internet. All of them claim to be the best. Do any of you know from experience?

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There are two that I know of --
Citrus and avocado fertilizer out of west coast (GrowMore)
Citrus fertilizer (Espoma)

I'm currently using Fruit Tree fertilizer (Dr. Earth) simply because it was available at a local garden center. I would have to mail order the other two.

I also feed with AACT and water with UCG and molasses water.

...but I don't know from experience enough to say one is better than another. Sorry. I'm curious to see what everyone else is using, too.

Are you feeding trees in the ground or potted trees?

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Rock dust, fish emulsion, seaweed extract, grass clippings (if the grass is healthy), humic acids are good sources of micronutrients. Most minerals are found in trace amounts in soil.

The micronutrients that citrus needs are zinc, manganese, iron. These are the ones that usually show up as deficiencies on citrus.

Citrus also likes to be slightly acidic and are heavy feeders.

I do keep my citrus in pots, but I use vermicast and citrus food containing micros(not organic). I will occasionally use fish emulsion, but my neighbor complains about the smell so, I don't use it often. I have not used seaweed extract, but people have said it is very good. Blood meal should be a good source of iron.
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