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I was wondering if their were any tips or suggestions for growing cantaloupe in a raised bed in full sun.

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Give it some space and try to allow it to grow up something like a small trellis just to keep the fruit away from the soil and any hungy insects or mammals. Sometimes fungi from the soil can opportunistically attack plants.

But they like the heat so like I say don't allow them to get shaded by other plants.

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I've heard or read that they need frequent watering until fruit starts to set, after which you wait to water until the plants look thirsty.

I planted some at my sister/brother-in-law's house a couple years ago (south side of their house so warm and sunny) and we got a bumper crop. We put them in the same spot last year and there were fewer fruit, and they were smaller. This year I've planted them in a new spot, full sun, lots of room to ramble.

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