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New to peach trees

I’m wondering what would be the best type of peach tree for here in SC, zone 7, and the best time to plant. I’m still looking into a size to get and may try a few from seed just for fun.

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Re: New to peach trees

Hi dobro.
Your fortunate in that your zone is perfect for peach growing.
I’m over the other side of the pond from you so unless someone else on the board has actual growing experiance of your area..I’m only going to be able to help by second hand knowledge.
From what I can glean...varieties Snow Beauty...Red Globe and Nectar would give you good mid season fruit, while something like Indian Free would give you a late crop.
As to planting. Anytime the peach is fully dormant is okay if you are buying bare root trees. If pot grown then any time ..with care not to disturb the roots too much.
Hope that helps a little...and perhaps others might chip in.

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