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Cantaloupe leaves curling

Hi all!
I'm from Houston area, TX. We had a very cool spring this year and I'm experiencing lots of problems due to the cold weather. Last 2 weeks were somewhat warmer, so most of my plants recovered. But my cantaloupe look pathetic. I started them indoors mid January, transplanted outside after acclimatization mid March when it was not supposed to cool down drastically anymore. The transplants looked really nice with large green leaves and blossoms. I planted in hills in 12 inch raised beds, 4 Sq ft per plant, mix of garden soil, compost, and aged cow manure.
Then we had really cold days end of March, everything looked stunted, cucumbers and okra did nothing, tomatoes had curled leaves with purple veins, and cantaloupe turned pale green, with long vines, many flowers, and small leaves curled up. Now it's much warmer, everything is growing but the cantaloupe. Should I give them More time? Or is it something not cold related? I wonder if I should start over, get rid of my current plants, and sow seeds directly into the soil. What do you think? Thank you!

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I reckon they’ve been stunted by the cold Myacre.
Just a suggestion. Why not sow a few more seeds in pots. Then while they get going it will give these plants a chance to recover. If they don’’ve got replacements. If they do.....plant more or give them away.

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