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Caring for Potted Fig and Peach Trees over Winter

Hey guys, this summer I bought a bare root Reliance peach tree and potted Chicago Hardy Fig Tree. They both have grown well after I potted them up into 3 gallon pots. They should both tolerate the winters where I am at (Zone 5b). However I figure their roots will be susceptible to damage because they are in pots. So I am hoping they should tolerate a winter in the garage OK as that will provide some protection. But I am not totally sure. I worry bringing them inside into the basement will confuse them. I am planning to leave them outside until at least November. Ultimately, do you suppose they will be fine with garage temps occasionally getting into the single digits or possibly negative Farenheit? Maybe I will place them in a pile of straw to help with temperature swings. Thoughts? Experience?

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Re: Caring for Potted Fig and Peach Trees over Winter

Once they are dormant they will be fine in the garage.
The temps you say it will get down to will not harm them. If you want wrap the pot in a little sacking.
Don't forget them though and let them dry out. Keep the soil slightly damp and move them back out as soon as you see any sign of bud movement.

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