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SIPs, Strawberries and Overwintering ???

Trying to figure out what to do with 48 strawberries plants in 8 SIPs for the winter. The SIPs do have drains near the bottom so they could be used as a regular planter.

I know I am suppose to empty out the SIP's clean and refill with fresh mix and a fertilizer strip.

I want to reuse the plants because 2 year olds produce better than one year olds, or at least that seems to be a commonly held belief in most of the reading I have done.

Am pretty sure next springs blossoms actually form in the fall.

I want to minimize the amount of root displacement / damage from unplanting and replanting. Am fairly certain I have just a single big root mass in the SIPs

I am seeing 4 options and have no idea which is best.
  1. Later this fall after they stop producing, pull the drain plugs, lift up the plastic mulch and sneak in a new fertilizer strip, reattach the plastic mulch and bury them in mulch for the winter.
  2. Sometime shortly before the season ends, get the plants out, pull the SIPs apart, clean, refill and replant into the SIPs, pull the drain plugs and bury in mulch when the time comes.
  3. Sometime shortly before the season ends, get the plants out, replant in empty space in the garden and mulch for the winter when it get cold enough. Pull the SIPs apart, prep for next spring and replant into the SIPs as early as possible.
  4. Leave them as is, pull the drain plugs for the winter and bury in mulch when the time comes. Put the plugs in next spring and feed them liquid fertilizer and compost tea next year.
What's the best option in your opinion?
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Re: SIPs, Strawberries and Overwintering ???

Personally I would go for either 2 or 3 of your options.
The plants need separating anyway. If you have got a root mass in there, it would give the plants far more growth room if they are separated.
Once dormant strawberries can be moved and separated without any harm. New root growth in the spring is very rapid if the plant has room and from growth start to cropping is only 60 days normally.

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