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Need guidance picking apple tree

I just cut down my apple tree, the only one in our yard, because it succumbed to fire blight. We live in Oklahoma, and the past 3 years, we've had a lot of rain in our area. I've heard we've had 13 inches the past month. We have a small yard, and I only have room for two trees (we have a white peach that is delicious, so that takes up one), but I'm looking for something that is resistant to cedar apple rust and fire blight. The tree also needs to be self-fertile. I've look at charts for disease susceptibility and then checked if they were self-pollinating, but I've not found the magic combination. I presume I need to wait a while before I can plant another apple tree in our back yard, but does anyone know how long I need to wait? Would this fall or spring be too early? Thank you.

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Re: Need guidance picking apple tree

Hi baskervi
Sorry to hear of your problem.
I'm afraid that fire blight is in the air via spores all the time if you are in an area where it's got a hold.
So I would suggest you try to get a variety that has some resistance to the Blight.
There are several that have good resistance but I suggest you check your local nurseries for varieties that are happy in your area. Jonafree and Goldrush are just a couple that may do the job.
If you go ahead ....keep a constant eye on your trees for any signs of wilting. Remove damaged material immediately useing secateurs dipped in disinfectant.

I'm afraid that no apple is fully self matter what the label may claim.....but some do have higher rates of fertility than others.

If you can...squeeze a malus somewhere into your yard. It can be pruned very hard and will give you flowers to look at and will pollinate your apple as well. If you choose a variety like John Downey you'll get fruit to make jelly with!
Good luck.

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