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Peach tree chemical mess up

So, I planted my first fruit tree (loring peach) this year. I read up (or thought I had) on what I needed to do to care for it. Dutifully, I was sure to spray copper fungicide on the tree as a preventative...

What I didn't find, until later, was that apparently this being done in early May, after the tree has leaves, could cause "chemical toxicity" that jacks up things. Is leaving it alone going to let it recover, or is it pretty well screwed at this point and I should start over? Any thoughts? The county extension apparently just said "leave it alone and see" to my dad who I had go talk to them (though his recollection/recounting isn't always accurate these days.
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Re: Peach tree chemical mess up

Hi Jicnuke,
Just leave it alone.....the main damage I think will be to those leaves. With any luck the dormant buds will be fine and they will break and give you new growth.
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