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Peach Tree Borer, every growers nightmare....

Hey everyone!

Some suggestions regarding the peach tree borer...

My peach tree is 3 years old now, in the ground, so its still a rather young tree. First of all, I will admit my mistakes right off the hop here, and I know in the future I will not make the same mistakes again...

mistake #1. I used tree guard wrap for 1 growing season, and left it on over winter for animal protection

mistake #2 I have 6 raised beds for gardens, and in between and surrounding the beds is heavy mulch... in the very center of all the gardens is my peach tree surrounded with mulch.

First of all, I think the tree wrap has given the borer a nice little hiding spot where noone can see. While doing a garden inspection I decided (for some reason) to take off the tree wrap and noticed the tree had sunk considerably due to high organic matter and decomposition from the garden mulch. I noticed I could no longer see the rootstock grafting (which I know is a huge problem) so i dug it out and my husband made a wodden frame that surrounds the tree so mulch will no longer bury the tree.

This is when I noticed a goo-like substance around the rootstock. did some research and figured it could be a few things 1.canker 2. rot from the decomposition of mulch 3. natural sap oozing at the graft (this happens in younger trees) or 4. borers.

I chalked it up to rot at first because I scraped a bunch of the decaying bark off the tree ad found no holes. it was hot the rest of the day and I figured it would dry up somewhat if the bark was damp from this...
'I checked a day later and say more goo and FRAS :evil: I peeled back some more bark and found 1 large larvae from the borer. :eek:
I watched a youtube video where a guy flooded the base of the tree for a few hours to drown them, with the box we made this was easy so I did it... then (as much as I hate to do it because its spring) I spot sprayed with pyrethrin spray x2... and painted the bark white after it dried. I read that painting the bark white with acrylic or latex paint will deter the borers.

I was also thinking of ordering some pheromone traps this week to hang around the garden for the adult moths.

Has anyone else here battled the bore? Any advice? ... I really hope my tree doesnt' die, it looks so beautiful this year, is in full bloom and I think I will get peaches for the first time ever. :(

I only found 1 larvae as well, and the funny part is I couldnt find the actual bore hole (some people say find the holes and stick a nail into it to kill them but I didnt see any holes)

any help is appreciated... I am trying to garden as organic as possible. Also, may I add, I am from Canada, so our pesticide restrictions are VERY strict here, and often products (like copper and neem oil) are hard to come by here, even if they are used in organic gardening.

thanks everyone!

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Re: Peach Tree Borer, every growers nightmare....

Hi alycat,

Agree with you so much regarding plastic guards.
We use a loop of chicken wire around the trunk. Keeps chewers at bay while still letting you view what's going on around the trunk.
One question in your area....are you still allowed to use Sevin in Canada?
Over this side of the pond it's been illegal for several years, but I understand that in the States it's still available even over the shop counter.

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