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Do pineapples come from trees?

So I was eating some pineapple earlier today and I wondered if pineapple came from a tree or maybe some kind of bush. Or maybe some vines? I really don't know but I want to know just in case I want to grow some in a year or two.

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not really any of those. it's a kind of bromeliad.

they look like this: ... 58&bih=668

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Here's an image from that link:


people do start pineapple plants from the cut tops.

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Pineapples are bromeliads. They actually don't need to be in soil as long as they can stand upright. It takes about 18 months for a pineapple to fruit. The pineapple from the tops are usually small the first year but the ones from the shoots are larger. Bromeliads should be watered and fertilized in the cups. They have a fibrous root system that is designed more for support and anchoring and less for water and nutrients.

Most of the pineapple plantations are closed now except for smaller plantings for the fresh market. The last sugar mill also closed last year. Pineapple and sugar were the primary crops grown for market for over 150 years.

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