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I have had a stand of raspberries for several years with no trouble. However this year a lot of the fruit turn red, but then start turning white. I have searched for answers with no joy. Can someone help?

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Re: raspberries

Are they looking similar to the way my blackberries look?


Subject: Fruit Harvest from season to season
applestar wrote:Image

...I was looking up what causes the pale tasteless druplets. Some are extensively affected. One cause is stinkbugs and I did catch a juvie Brown Marmorated stinkbugs today, but I think most are due to overheating and sunscald. Some of the ones I overstuffed too many in a single organza bag that was exposed to full sun seem to have been affected more ( :roll: -- bagged them to protect from bugs and birds and ended up cooking them instead)
Stinkbugs suck the juices out from each druplet. :evil:

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