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Olive Tree Care

Hello. We recently moved into a new home and there is an olive tree that is very high in the yard. Any advice on what we can do with this?
What is the proper way to groom/prune it?

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Re: Olive Tree Care

Before you go ahead and prune it, are you sure you need/want an olive tree in your yard? Although it will take time, they can get pretty darn big, even If pruned. Here's an image of an olive tree:
So I can imagine it growing real big and not letting any sun to reach your other plants. (Unless you have a huge yard/property of course)
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Re: Olive Tree Care

Yes what Annalkona said. Please dig up that olive and mail it to me, I will train it into becoming a bonsai, & will be much better behaved under my care. ;)

Olive back bud well. As long as you leave a terminal leaf on each limb you leave, next spring when you prune, it will grow back into its new smaller self.
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