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Peach tree questions and 1 question about Japanese pear tree


1. I have two peach trees, they look healthy, lots of leaves, but no fruit. Picture attached.

2. I noticed a clear orangey sap oozing from the top of tree trunk, about a few inches below the leaves. There are two of them I looked at the trunk, I don't think it's fruit borers. Picture attached.

3. The Japanese pear tree promised 4 types of pears. I've also seen 2 types. And now one side of the pear tree has small black spots all over it.'

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Peach tree questions and 1 question about Japanese pear

I'll need some more information: what kind of peach tree is that? What zone are you in, how was the weather? Have you had any peaches last year?

Normally, peach trees start flowering in the spring and then the peaches are ready for harvest in from mid July to early September.
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