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Woods ripped roots off raspberry

I have had a raspberry bush in a pot for about 2 months and now I've moved I've planted it into te ground but when I got it out the pot the main root ball ripped away from the big white roots that go Down to the bottom of the soil there wasn't loads and heavily built up but I'm worried now about it surviving. I watered it will and will have to keep an eye on it? What's it's chance of survival it has fruit set at the moment.

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Re: Woods ripped roots off raspberry

Hi Ben.
Keep up with the watering and in a few days you will be able to see if your plant is going to manage to recover.
If it should start to look very sorry for itself, then just cut it down to a few inches from the ground.
With raspberries, this will give the roots a chance to grow on again and it will produce new can in a few weeks time.

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