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Meyer Lemon -- what did I do?

I bought this Meyer lemon tree about 2 weeks ago from a nursery in southeastern wisconsin.

Temps were mild lately so the tree has been outside for a bit. Yesterday, three things happened:
1.) I fertilized it with properly-diluted miracle gro "quick start" formula
2.) It was outside in the rain for a bit before I fertilized, so it may have gotten overwatered
3.) The cold temps snuck up on us and it spent most of the day outside at around 45 to 50 degrees, and was early 40's out when we moved it in.

Today, the tips of the plant are droopy.

Now, it *was* from a nursery where it was being kept outdoors, uncovered, in spring Wisconsin temps. But I think the drooping could still be from the cold.

What do you think? What caused the drooping? What should I do with this guy to help it recover??



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Re: Meyer Lemon -- what did I do?

Lemon trees often don't get enough magnesium, which may cause wilting leaves. If you dissolve about 1/2 cup of epson salts into a couple liters of water and water the tree it should feel and look better soon.

Good luck :)
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Re: Meyer Lemon -- what did I do?

I think it is still acclimating. Even if it came from Wisconsin, unless the nursery is right next door, you may have a different microclimate. The plant was jostled in the move and probably broke some grounder roots. I would treat it like any plant that needs to be acclimated and keep it in a sheltered spot and gradually move it out to the sun. It may need a few days to recover if some the roots were broken in transport. My citrus trees have been in pots for years and they are in pure cinder so they need to be watered daily or in four days the leaves will curl. Your plant probably has some soil in it so you have to figure out how much water it needs.
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