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help with cherry trees

Can someone please tell me what kind of cherries these are?
These cherries ripen in late May / early June.
Thank you, your help is appreciated.

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No, I'm sorry I can't help. They sure do look good though. Is it important that you know the variety? Perhaps you can ask around the neighborhood or inquire with a previous owner.


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There are so many different varieties of cherry trees out there that after a while they all start looking the same to me. I am a little bit familiar with some self-fruitful cherries and some that require cross pollination to fruit but only the ones I grow at my home. No promises but if you are able to post more photos this spring of blossoms, branching habits, bark, top of leaves, undersides of leaves, and the twigs; I might have a shot at narrowing in for you.

Nice healthy looking trees you photographed.

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