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What's your favourite plum tree?

I had to take out one of my plum trees recently, and I was thinking about adding a new variety to replace it!
I would love to hear about your favourite varieties!

Here is what I have so far (some are multi plum grafted trees, some are whole trees):

Shiro plum
Blue Damson
Beauty Plum
Italian Prune Plum
Yellow Egg
Green Gage (this was a grafted branch and I think it may have died but I'm not sure yet)

Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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Re: What's your favourite plum tree?

Hi Sarah

Guess our side of the pond they may be different varieties to yours.

Early season I like czar and opal
Mid season....oulins gage. and Victoria's
Late ...Excalibur and Marjorie's Seedling.

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