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Meyer lemon tree need help yellowing leaves

Hi all I'm new here and hoping to get a little help.

I have an amazing Meyer lemon tree that has grown at least 3 ft in a years time. I have about 200+ buds on it now with fruit.

The inner leaves off the main trunk are yellowing, the rest of the tree remains vibrant, minus some leaves with scale.

I fertilize about every 3 months, and I don't really water much bow that it's established.

Initially I thought it needed water. So I water it deep to see if it would come back but didn't seems to change. After a week with no improvements I gave it a little fertilizer figuring the flowering may be using up the resources.

I have looked online not really finding any information on my current issue.

The only products I use on my tree are

- atomic grow ( organize foliage spray) and keyplex 1200
Neem oil- as needed
Vigiro citrus fertilizer

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Location: Hawaii, zone 12a 587 ft elev.

Please update your profile with the your zone and location. It also helps to know if this is a potted houseplant or a tree in the ground. Posting a picture will also help.

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