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How Long Can Date Palm Stay in Container?

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself.
I've been gardening for a while and hope to be 100% off grid one day, so I'm absorbing as much knowledge as possible.

I just had a question about medjool date palms and how long they can stay in containers before they get too big. My main question would be "Can I grow Pheonix dactylifera in containers until they show their sex?", because I'd like to keep a couple females and only one male. I figured that if they show the sex while still in containers, I can sell or give away the unwanted palms.

Let me know if there's a better place to post this question!


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Re: How Long Can Date Palm Stay in Container?

First, how big are the containers you are talking about and how will they be cared for. If you are talking 1-5 gallon, not as long as you might like. If they are in the big pots used for trees in nurseries, then much longer.

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Re: How Long Can Date Palm Stay in Container?

In big pot I think yes....the Pheonix canariensis is close related and I saw them very big in pot, but I've never seen them fruiting in pot...

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