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Wild Growth

I live in Norfolk Va. I planted a Hale Haven and a Early Alberta semi dwarf peach trees two years and last year and this year the trees grew 5 to 6 ft each year. I cut and cut and cut but still not keep up with the growth. I had plenty of peaches both years, thinned to 6" apart on sturdy limbs on each tree but both years all remaining peaches fell off.Help please.

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Re: Wild Growth

Dwarf peaches get 8" tall often and semis well a lot larger. Is the tree pruned open bowl style, if not switch to that and it will bring the height down some. Note, the best time to prune is generally between July 15- Aug 15 as the trees heal best then. Pruning in the Spring tends to encourage more growth than Summer pruning. I recommend you consider and orchard ladder, I have a 14' for my dwarf trees and one old semi that was already here.

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