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How to get rid of brown rot on peaches?

For the second year in a row my peaches have developed brown rot. I didn't do anything last year, not knowing what was wrong and thinking the late rain we had was the problem. This year, (today, actually) we plucked off all the fruit and trimmed all the small branches, leaving the trunk and main branches. Is there a product I can use around the trunk of the tree that would help heal the tree now or do I need to apply a spray in the spring? I also have borers at the base of the tree. What product have you experienced folks found to be effective for this? I would love to save this little tree if we can.

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I'm afraid that as far as I know the only control of Brown Rot is a continual application of chemical control.
It can cause devistation to all stone crops and although cleanliness is essential the spores of the disease are so persistent that some form of protection is needed so that they cannot develope.
Like with a lot of fungal problems, the chemicals available do not actually kill spores that have already germinated. They have to be there ready to prevent them from germinating in the first place.
So it's essential to get a protective coating on the plant ready to do so. That's why as the plant produces new timber , or the fruit grows, further applications are needed to protect this new ' naked ' material.

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