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watermelon vines not growing

Good Morning, I am new here and hope I can get some things answered. We planted some watermelon vines this spring on June 1, that we have bought from the local garden center, they were already started. We live in Roswell, New Mexico. Attached are some pictures of the vines. They are not growing, they are basically the same size as when we planted them on June 1. They are planted in a 24"x24" box with 2 plants, I have fertilized, and they are watered 2 times a week for 30-45 minutes on a drip system. Why are they not growing? What are we doing wrong or what is wrong? Please help. I also posted in the vegetable forum about our pumpkin plants, they are doing the same thing and not growing. We planted them from seeds and they sprouted, got to a certain size, and then just seem to have stopped, but are still alive.
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I would suspect too little water since you are in a very hot area. Basically, you need to check the ground for moisture level. If you don't have any when you put you finger in just past the first joint you need to water. Drip irrigation takes some experimentation, some folks end up watering too much and other far less then needed. I wonder about the box, since it is not filled with additional soil, which is the normal reason to use a box. Note the same is probably the case with the pumpkin since the plants are in the same family.

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