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loquat seedling

A small tiny loquat has grown in my yard (it is about 3 inches right now) and I want to plant it in a pot to plant it in an other place on the ground, what to do?
Is that okay to plant it in the pot in November and plant it on the ground in February?

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I would say yes. I had one that my son brought me from a friend. I kept it in a pot for over a year before planting in the ground. It was slow for quite a while, but is growing good now. Remember when planting a tree-first year sleeps, second year creeps, third year leaps. Seems to be true.

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You can dig it up an pot it if you dig a large enough root ball. Figure a root ball at least 6" deep and wide. Plant in a well drained 12" or larger container with all purpose potting soil. Keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy until you see new growth - usual about 2 months. Do not fertilize. You do not want to push foliage growth.

Next spring plant in the ground. Loquat is a TREE not a shrub or a container plant.

Good luck

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