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blueberry bushes run over D:

No, I'm not kidding. Someone shocked my quiet little neighborhood by plowing through the vacant wooded lot next door and straight over two mature blueberry bushes, dragging most of it with them. (Apparently this was related to drug use and the police caught up with them, and no injuries as far as I can tell.)

I just moved in and had only just figured out for sure that these are blueberry bushes. The poor darlings lost about 80% of their branches when all was said and done -- and before this year's harvest :( They're not on my land, but I think the folks around here have been sharing the fruit.

I imagine they will recover after a year or two, but is there anything I can do for my poor injured comrades to help them through?

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Re: blueberry bushes run over D:

Wow, pretty crazy, huh?

I guess first thing I would do is pull all the weeds, especially what looks like maple seedlings/saplings. Then cover the base and surrounding area with some compost and mulch -- leaves and pine straw/needles would be good example.
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