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Growing Blackberries in Arizona/Desert?

Hi and hello to anyone who might advise me on this. My mom unexpectedly brought me a potted seedless blackberry plant (don't know which variety) last week when visiting and from everything I can find online, blackberries should be put into the ground in Jan-March here in the desert. I'm worried that it might die from the heat if I put it in the ground now.

Can anyone shed light on this: Is it better to put it in the ground now or to wait 8 months before planting it? And, if i plant it, should I plant it in a more north/east exposure, rather than west (hottest) exposure area?

Thanks so much!
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Re: Growing Blackberries in Arizona/Desert?

Most varieties of blackberries sunburn badly in hot direct afternoon sun no matter where they are planted in this country. So, I would opt for the north/east if it was me. The planting window applies directly to bare root plants. The official nursery advice if it is potted it can be planted out any time. If you leave it in the pot you have the real possibility that it will dry out and die or get root bound and die. So, you have to decide which way you think it has the best chance of survival. Note, the blackberry need trellising of some type and until it grows for a while you won't know if it is trailing or more up right. If it is trailing you will have to drape the canes over wires on the trellis and tie in place. If it is the upright type you will in the years to come have to clip out the tip of the new growth when it is about the height of the top wire on the trellis so the side arms will grow out and it doesn't get so tall it just falls over. The larger part of the cane will have to be tied to the trellis for support and the side arms will be tied to the wires in the fall. In either case the the old canes are removed as soon as you have harvested the last of that years berries. good luck

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