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Strawberries grown in Gutter turning brown before maturity

Hello all, We started strawberries in gutters in September (we live in Florida) Starting late January we started getting a TON of berries (these are all heirloom small berry varieties and are everbearing). Then about late march something changed an nearly all the berries are now turning brown, hard and dying before they are ready to pick. some are doing this while they are still smaller than a pea.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to fix it?

I have experimented in different gutters adding egg shells, coffee grounds or both. None of this seams to change the outcome.Image

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Question how much and how often are you watering? From the picture they look like they are drying out or "frying". A gutter is a very small space to consider growing them in to begin with and being metal heats the soil up more in an already very hot climate. The plants will sacrifice the berries to preserve itself. If the gutters are not attached consider moving them where they will be in the shade during the heat of day and water more. Personally I would consider larger planters as well.

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