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My PH level is off! How do I fix it??!

I planted some beautiful rasberries in my yard last year. Summer bearing and ever bearing plants. This last spring we had a very late frost that made all of my plants die back to the ground. They did grow back all over the place! And they have been producing some beautiful berries, but the berries aren't very sweet and I've discovered that the Ph is a bit off. :? Currently sitting between 4 and 5.
How can I improve the Ph of my soil and improve the flavor of the berries?
Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks to all![/b]

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Hi, how did you test the pH? The home kits can be less accurate, it's better to send soil off to your local extension service. The organic way to modify soil pH is to add lime to raise the pH, or add garden sulpher to lower the pH. The packages will tell you how much to add for your space and each level of pH you want to modify.

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