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Blackberry Pest ID help

I started planting blackberries this year. My shoots are growing well, but the last week I've had three of the shoots droop if they had no water. A close examination of the shoot shows scars/bite marks all around the perimeter of the shoot just below the place where the 'drooping' started. I suppose the vascular capability of the plant was compromised? Has anyone else had this experience and a possible fix? Thanks!

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Hi Redfish
There are several pest that could have done the damage. Cane Midge and Sawfly for example.
I would suggest that you just check that there is no sign of any tiny holes in the growing stems. If they are clear then the culprit may well have departed without any further damage.
Anyway....remove anything that shows signs of damage and burn...just to be sure there are no eggs laid.

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