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Guave Tree MISTAKE

I thought my guava tree was dead. It had grown about 6 feet and got totally frozen in a Louisiana winter. The other day I noticed leaves coming back at the bottom. Thinking like a pepper plant I pruned the tree down to the ground. Yes down to the ground. I did not wait for more leaves to come up along the trunk, I was in too much of a hurry. Now I have no central trunk just a stub with leaves coming out of it.

Is all lost?

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Re: Guave Tree MISTAKE

It may been so that the part you cut off was mostly dead due frost damage. Many trees can do that specially until well established (trees that are grown in colder climates than they origin mostly.) And what happends is most above ground dies but the rootsystem being still alive can grow new shots.

Now this is some general information, i don't have much knowledge of Guava it self. Sure thing is that wasnt the best time for making the cut, but if remaining parts of the plant are growing and developing chances are good it will survive.
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Re: Guave Tree MISTAKE

I don't know about growing guava anywhere else, but here if you cut it to the ground it resprouts and becomes a gnarly monster again. Thin the sprouts for better branching, otherwise they will become a shrubby tree and the branches will be harder to thin out once they get thicker.
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Re: Guave Tree MISTAKE

I agree with Imafan-It will come back. You are talking Pineapple Guava, right? Next time when you are pruning, if you look at the stems as you cut, if you see green in the center, leave it alone, it isn't dead, and will leaf out again.
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Re: Guave Tree MISTAKE

Which temperatures did you reach?

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