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Stem of my Avocado tree cut and withering?

My mom decided to cut the top of my avocado tree, it's about. The stem is now turning brown and withering where she cut it. I heard about cutting the top off to encourage growth of lower leaves/branches and keep the overall height lower, but I thought the top would slowly grow back, now it just looks like it's dieing. Is this normal? The tree/plant is 2.5 years old, not sure if there's anything else to mention about it.

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Re: Stem of my Avocado tree cut and withering?

This is normal for a cut to the leading branch of the plant. It won't grow back, but it will encourage side growth.

Your plant is just healing it's wound. Very normal. It looks very healthy, too!

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Re: Stem of my Avocado tree cut and withering?

When you cut high above a node, the end rots back to the node. Be careful, if water gets in before it callouses off fungal disease can get in and the rot will go further.

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