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Caterpillar thing destroying all my Pumpkins.. HELP

Every pumpkin I have had so far has died before the flower has even opened. These little caterpillar like things are cutting in and eating the female flowers and before I know it the pumpkin baby dies and falls off. I need to get rid of these things and don't know how to. If anyone has any clue let me know. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. Thanks. (Zoom in on the pictures to see them better. They kinda blend in but if you zoom they are easier to see.)
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Re: Caterpillar thing destroying all my Pumpkins.. HELP

Those spots are dead give-away

I actually had them attacking miniature cucumbers I was trying to grow in the house in fall-winter last year, but they are normally not pests that bother our garden this far north. :x

They were ID'd for me by imafan that time and she posted the ufl link. :D
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