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How much sugar is in FRUIT?

Grapes and Peaches seem to have a lot of sugar.

Blackberries seem to have very little sugar.

Is there a place online where I can find a list of fruits and berries that shows how much sugar they contain?

I am looking for percent not grams. Grams per serving are confusing when all servings are not the same. How do you compare apples to oranges? I found several places that lists sugar by grams. Bananas have 17 grams but bananas come in all sizes how can a small banana and a large banana both have 17 grams?

I am looking for PERCENT, no matter what size the fruit is % always makes sense. If 1 lbs of grapes has 12% sugar compared to 1 lb of peaches with 10% sugar it is easy to see grapes contain more sugar. Juice from grapes will make a better sweetener for cooking. White grape juice might even be good in a cup of coffee. Peach juice sounds good to me in coffee and muffins. Peach and Blackberry pancake syrup sounds good.

I need some help determining how much sugar is in fruit and berries???

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Re: How much sugar is in FRUIT?

here's a reference that lists a bunch: ... Less-Sugar

they're all averages, though. you can't really know sugar content of something in your hand unless you get a refractometer or something else that can measure sugar content. actual content can vary pretty widely, depending on lots of things (fruit variety, amount of watering, timing of picking...)

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Re: How much sugar is in FRUIT?

I use the USDA nutrient database for many food related questions I have:

I like it as it give values for different portion sizes as well as for 100g's, it doesn't always really cover the differences in ripeness or variety or growing conditions which can affect micronutrients but the 100g value switches handily to a % value to give some idea of what an average value is.

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Re: How much sugar is in FRUIT?

Sweetness of fruit is based largely on how they are grown. Your peaches will probably be different from mine. If you want to know the sweetness of your fruit you need a refractometer. ... 5BPCTRSW5I

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