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Identification of a pear tree

Greetings friends,

After eight years of living in my home I am finally getting around to pulling out all of the non-working trees/shrubs and planting fruit trees.

I've got a mystery tree in my yard that looks suspiciously like a pear tree but has never born fruit. It could be because there is no other pear tree around to cross pollinate it, or it could be that it isn't actually a pear tree. I have limited space in my yard so if I could only buy one other pear tree to get them both working that would be swell. Otherwise I'd pull this one out and buy two.

It stands about 20-25 feet tall. I've attached a few pics. What do you all think?

Thank you!

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Re: Identification of a pear tree

does it flower? it does look pear-ish. might be one of the P. calleryana cultivars, but most of them do make fruit - they're just tiny and useless, usually a half-inch diameter or smaller. grown as a flowering tree.

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